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Philly New Rental

Finding a property has never been easier.

PhillyNewRental property management professionals are here to help.

Welcome to PhillyNewRental.

Premier property management services in the Delaware Valley region.

Rentals in Philadelphia on a street.

We simplify property management.

PhillyNewRental offers the most comprehensive property management services for obtaining rentals near Philadelphia. We help our customers acquire and maintain their rentals to avoid any property management headaches.

Located in the heart of the Delaware Valley.

Our location in Philadelphia enables us to deliver easily accessible service in the Delaware Valley region. PhillyNewRental works exclusively in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, providing you with a close and personal connection to us.

Benjamin Franklin Bridge crossing the Delaware River into Philadelphia.
A person on a laptop looking for rentals near Philadelphia.

We succeed when you succeed.

We prioritize our customers' satisfaction in our services. If you are looking for a particular service or have questions for a certain rental option, PhillyNewRental will accommodate your needs.

Our Rental Process

If you're looking for rentals near Philadelphia, from studios to commercial options, we'll make the process of securing a rental smooth and easy. We follow a simple process so that you are satisfied with our services.


We simplify the rental search process through frequent updates of our options, keeping you informed on the availability of every rental we offer.


Our rental application request form can be found on our rental pages. By filling out our form with basic information about yourself, we can determine if we'd like to move forward in the process.


If we accept your request, we will then ask you to complete a formal application for the rental of your choice. We will evaluate your full application promptly after submission.


After acquiring your rental, PhillyNewRental will ensure that our maintenance and support services keep you satisfied. Our virtual help ticket center provides you with direct contact to us so that we can handle issues and emergencies immediately.

How do I get started?

You can begin the process by creating an account. By doing so, you'll gain access to our rental pages and be able to submit application request forms and help tickets. Simply provide your email address and create a password for your account, and you'll be able to edit your profile from the main menu so that we can best assist you.

Our Rental Options

PhillyNewRental manages a variety of rental options in the Philadelphia area.
Explore our rental types below to find what is best for you.

Studio Rentals

A studio space is perfect for someone seeking a smaller apartment with a combined kitchen, living room, and bedroom space. Our studio rentals are well-maintained and are up-to-date on common appliances and utilities.

Apartment Rentals

Apartment spaces are larger than our studio rentals and have separate kitchens, living spaces, and bedrooms. The number of beds and bathroom varies for each apartment. We offer a wide selection of apartment rentals that will suit your needs.

Commercial Rentals

Businesses that are just getting started or moving in from another location will benefit greatly from our rentals. We offer rentals in great locations that will bring attention to your business.

Need more information?

We are always available to answer questions regarding any rentals your interested in. Contact us today and we can assist you through every step of our process.

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